Heavy industry

Heavy industry is industry that involves one or more characteristics such as large and heavy products; large and heavy equipment and facilities (such as heavy equipment, large machine tools, and huge buildings); or complex or numerous processes. Because of those factors, heavy industry often involves higher capital intensity than light industry does, and it is also often more heavily cyclical in investment and employment.

Traditional examples from the mid-19th century through the early 20th included steelmaking, artillery production, locomotive erection, machine tool building, and the heavier types of mining. From the late 19th century through the mid-20th, as the chemical industry and electrical industry developed, they involved components of both heavy industry and light industry, which was soon also true for the automotive industry and the aircraft industry. Modern shipbuilding (since steel replaced wood) is considered heavy industry. In the post–World War II era, construction of large systems, such as skyscrapers, large dams, and large rockets, is also often classed as heavy industry.

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Zero emission vital for long-term industrial success: Swedish deputy PM

Xinhua 22 Sep 2019
21 (Xinhua) -- Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lovin said Saturday that striving for zero emission is the basis for the long-term industrial success and Swedish businesses have embraced this idea ... She said heavy industry is one of the remaining domains "where we still lack precise plans for how we're going to go fossil-free."...

Auto industry needs more than money

The Saigon Times 22 Sep 2019
The Ministry of Industry and Trade is expected to submit to the Government an automobile industry development plan with solutions to supporting auto manufacturing projects in Vietnam ... An experience to learn is the success of Morocco’s automobile industry ... The automobile is a heavy, complex industry....

Despite Saudi turmoil, new oil shock unlikely

The News International 22 Sep 2019
Many economies have taken strides away from heavy oil consumption, thanks to transport and energy-efficient industries, and alternative sources such as natural gas or renewable energy ... Many economies have taken strides away from heavy oil consumption, thanks to transport and ......

Port faces higher land costs

Arkansas Online 22 Sep 2019
In 2017, Courageous Ann LLC paid $358,000, or $33,240 an acre, for a 10.77-acre vacant parcel within the port's 4,000-acre industrial park ... "We've been able to attract heavy industry, we have sold land tracts over that 60-year period and we worked ourselves out of a job so to speak in running out of available inventory."....

Despite Saudi turmoil, no oil shock

Gulf News 22 Sep 2019
New York ... That sent the price of Brent crude flying 15 percent higher in a single day ... Most importantly, however, economies have reduced their dependence on oil ... Many economies have taken strides away from heavy oil consumption, thanks to transport and energy-efficient industries, and alternative sources such as natural gas or renewable energy ... ....

Japanese Cargo Spacecraft Set to Blast Off from Tanegashima Space Center Bound for ISS

Space Coast Daily 22 Sep 2019
LIFT OFF SET FOR 12.05 p.m. EDT on Sept. 24 ... EDT on Tuesday, Sept. 24. NASA image) ... EDT on Tuesday, Sept. 24. Live coverage of the launch and capture will air on NASA Television and the agency’s website ... Launch provider Mitsubishi Heavy Industries identified the root cause for the fire and set the new launch date after corrective measures were put in place....

Auto vendors fear for the future

Dawn 21 Sep 2019
Non-production days coupled with closure of Indus Motor Company’s plant for 15 days has the vendor industry on edge. Other auto assemblers are also struggling to reduce their losses, and further production curbs among them will hit the vending industry hard who supply parts to the local automobile assemblers....

Industry sector needs front runners for transition to low carbon economy: UN deputy chief

Xinhua 21 Sep 2019
She said, "We need front runners in the industry sector, particularly in the cement, the steel, chemicals, and heavy duty transportation" to achieve that transition, noting these fields annually make around 10 Giga tons of carbon dioxide, some 30 percent of the global emissions....

A Record Number of Robots Were Employed in 2018—Here’s What They Do and Where

New York Observer 21 Sep 2019
On the industrial side, 422,000 robots were shipped last year, a 6% increase from 2017 ... these industries in 2018 ... Not to the degree of a bubble burst or Lehman shock, but the robot market has been affected,” , a robot division director at Tokyo-based Kawasaki Heavy Industries....

Could retailer’s plans for old Kershaw Springs tract revitalize area?

The Lancaster News 21 Sep 2019
The Lancaster County Planning Commission has unanimously recommended rezoning the entire 9.1-acre rectangular tract from Heavy Industrial to General Business, so that a Dollar General store can be built on part of the property .......

Launch of ISS-bound spacecraft is rescheduled for Wednesday

Japan Times 21 Sep 2019
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. said Saturday it plans to launch a rocket with an unmanned spacecraft bound for the International Space Station next Wednesday after ... ....

Ganesha and Vishwakarma are on the same sinking boat

The Telegraph India 21 Sep 2019
For all his industriousness — did he not build many a divine edifice? — Vishwakarma has never quite managed to change the fortunes of Bengal’s industry. Even Haldia, once a hub of factories, has, reports suggest, turned its back on Vishwakarma ever since this site of heavy industry in southern Bengal began to lose its sheen ... Amit Mitra. ....

Tell EPA to Continue to Monitor/Remove Asbestos From Buildings!

The Petition Site 21 Sep 2019
Now, only new uses of asbestos will require EPA approval and health risk evaluation ... Between this and heavy lobbying from the chemical industry, the EPA has deigned to allow more Americans to die because they were unknowingly exposed to a toxic substance....